Automatic Double Heads Sleeve Labeling Machine with Shrink Tunnel

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Product Details

Automatic Double Heads Sleeve Labeling Machine with Shrink Tunnel


  • Shrink sleeve labels are widely used for Labeling the shrinkable film( PVC/PP/PET/OPS/PLA) on square bottle and            round bottle

Spec and Features

  • Adopt electrical configurations from Japan, French, Germany, such as Panasonic brand include PLC, frequency           changer, servo driver/motor, Schneider brand include air switch, currency protector, electromagnetic contactor and       Sweden hot air blower. All these components ensure our product high stability and veracity
  • Standardized center mould achieve the goal of changing different products quickly
  • Synchronous separating bottle design keep bottles from swaying in delivery process
  • Exclusive adjustable knife unit cut label neatly and reduce cutting flaw vastly, and also the knife can be replaced easily
  • Two machines into one body structure designing, bottle body and cap can be sleeving in one time

Technical Parameter


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