Automatic Flat Labeling Machine With Ribbon Belt Coder

  • MT-220-4
  • T/T
  • 15 Days
  • Shanghai, China

  • stainless steel

  • 1   

Product Details

Automatic Flat Labeling Machine With Ribbon Belt Coder

Labeling Application

  • Label Adhesive Paper Stickers to Products from Top
  • Print Codes on Labels

  • Products Applicable: Products with Flat Top
  • Labels Applicable: adhesive paper sticker

Labeling Machines Features

  • Labeling from Top to the objects,and it's adjustable for different sized products
  • With Ribbon Belt Coder to print on the labels
  • Labeling machine produced accordance with GMP Standard and CE certificated
  • Automatic Labeling, work independently or connected to a production line
  • Easy to operate on Touch Screen, labeling controlled by PLC
  • Labeling Steadily, strong S/S frame construction, all the electronics parts are imported from Germany, Japan, France, USA
  • High Labeling Speed and Labeling Accuracy, no products, no labeling

Options Function for the Labeling Machine

  • Sensor for Clear or Bronzing Labels

Labeling Machine Technical Parameters


Labeling Project Examples


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