Automatic Flat Top Labeling Machine

  • MT-220
  • T/T
  • 15 Days
  • Shanghai, China

  • stainless steel

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Product Details

 Automatic Flat Top Labeling Machine MT-220

Labeling Application

  • Labeling Adhesive Paper Sticker to Top surface of the products or packages
  • Widely used in chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food industries, provide solutions for the packaging line
  • Products Applicable: Any kind of product as long as it's not too soft
  • Labels Applicable: adhesive paper sticker

Labeling Machines Features

  • Labeling from Top to the objects,and it's adjustable for different sized products
  • Labeling machine produced accordance with GMP Standard and CE certificated
  • Automatic Labeling, work independently or connected to a production line
  • Easy to operate on Touch Screen, labeling controlled by PLC
  • Labeling Steadily, strong S/S frame construction, all the electronics parts are imported from Germany, Japan, France
  • High Labeling Speed and Labeling Accuracy, no products, no labeling

Options Function for the Labeling Machine

  • Code Printer to print batch number, production date, expiry date and so on on the label when labeling

Labeling Machine Technical Parameters


Labeling Projects Sample

If this product is not the one you are searching for, we also supply other types Round Labeling Machine for sale. If you have any other questions, please just send us an email, we are happy to be on service of you and give you more details.

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