Automatic Horizontal Double Head Labeling Machine for Lipstick MT-900

  • MT-900
  • T/T
  • 15 Days
  • Shanghai, China

  • stainless steel

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Product Details

MT-900 Automatic Horizontal Double Head Labeling Machine for Lipstick  

1. The equipment consists of two labeling heads, which applies for small diameter round product labeling, which can’t stand 

on the conveyor belt. One head or round labeling; One head for flat labeling. Finished Labeling Product as following: 

2. The whole machine includes wave contour for feeding product, conveyor belt for transmitting, frame box, two labeling heads.

3. Adopts PLC, Touch Screen, Labeling Motor and Photo Sensor etc. controlling system. They all came from high quality international brand.

4. The apparent feature is adopting roller conveyor belt. The gap between two roller is customized accord samples. Generally, 
it can labeling applicable diameter scope ±3mm around customized diameter.

5. Technical Parameters:

Please provide pictures of your product and label to check the size, material and shape to get a quotation.

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