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Automatic Liquid Filling Capping Labeling Line for Small Volume Bottle

  • MTL-100
  • T/T
  • 30days Days
  • Shanghai, China

  • s/s steel

Product Details

Automatic Liquid Filling Capping Labeling Line for Small Volume Bottle


  • The packing line is widely used in E-Cigarette, Pharmaceutical, Health Care industries
  • Suitable for small volume 10-30 ml liquid automatic packing, like E-Cigarette Oil, Eye Drop, Oral Liquid and so on

Machines Recommended

  • Full automatic bottle sorting machine
  • Automatic filling plug inserting and capping machine in 1 machine 
  • Automation round bottle positioning labeling machine 
  • Automatic inkjet printer 
  • Automatic collection platform


    the Whole Line technical parameter

    • Bottle applied: round plastic bottle
    • Line speed: 1800-3000 bottles per hour
    • Filling volume: 2-30ml
    • Power: about 4.5KW
    • Air pressure and consumption: 0.6-0.8Mpa


    Spec and Feature


    • The whole machine line is designed especially for 2-30ml liquid filling, capping, labeling
    • The line speed is 30-50 bottles per minute
    • Filling plugging-in and capping machine in one machine, save space and away from pollution
    • Full automatic bottle sorting and feeding, lower the cost and at the same time working efficiency increased
    • Famous branded electrical parts guarantee the line working stable and a longer working life
    • Adopts peristaltic pump, high filling precision. No bottle, no fill, no drop, no leak
    • Touch screen, easy operate and adjust human interface. English operation interface
    • The machines can work together smoothly or work alone by PLC control
    • The line is easy to install, operate, maintenance, and move 
    • Suitable for single, mass production, but no more than 3 kinds
    • All the machine parts which contact liquid adopt corrosion resisting material and 316 stainless steel
    • The machines have emergency stop Button and automatic interrupt device for safe operation
    • Labors need: 1-2 workers
    • Space for the line: 8000*1500*1900mm
    • Power Supply

    • Air Supply


    Project Examples

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