Automatic Liquid Filling Capping Machine in one

  • MTFC-1000
  • T/T
  • 15days Days
  • Shanghai

  • s/s steel

Product Details

 Automatic Liquid Filling Capping Machine in one


  • The machine is used for liquid products filling and capping, mainly volume 10-500 ml
  • Glass, Plastic and similar bottles are applicable
  • Oral Liquid, Topical Agent, Syrup, Vaccine, Nails water,  Wine, and similar

Spec and Feature

  • Automatic 3 in 1 machine, Filling,  Caps Feeding and Capping
  • Electric Driven, Sensors control. No bottle no filling
  • International branded configuration, steady machine structure make the whole machine work stable
  • Can be connected to bottle unscrambler and labeling machine to work together
  • Emergency stop button and earth leakage protection circuit
  • Confirm to CE and GMP standard 

Technical Parameters

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