Automatic Liquid and Paste Filling Machine with Servo Motor Driven

  • MTGF-1000
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Product Details 

Automatic Liquid and Paste Filling Machine with Servo Motor Driven For Bottle And Jar



  • This machine used for all kinds of sauce / paste / jam / edible oil and viscosity liquid filling.

     If change the shape of bottle, just need adjust the convey belt protect hinder, the hinder bottle board, and the distance of filling heads. Simple and convenient, one machine can used many kinds of bottle.

    The filling heads designed for many heads (can be designed depend on the product capacity), will not be break the machine when the speed is high or act quickly. 


Spec and Feature

  • Adopts piston + servo motor driven. High precision filling machine, which can adjust the filling volume according to the different volume of bottles.

  • Adopts four filling nozzles, can change to 6/8/10/12/16 filling nozzles or more, the more filling nozzles, the higher capacity.

  • Diving filling method is available

  • High filling speed and filling precision, no bubble,stable

  • Filling volume is adjustable in certain filling volume scope

  • Single nozzle is micro adjustable

  • International branded electronic parts applied, good performance

  • Compact models, operation stability, simple operation, easy cleaning

  • PLC,Touch screen human-computer interface with simple operation

  • Can work alone or join the production line.

Technical Parameters


700-1500 BPH (can be customized)

Filling accuracy


 Filling volume

 100-1000, 200-2000, … 500-5000 ml

 Filling method

 piston + servo motor driven

 Power supply

220V 50hz  2kw

 Air supply

0.6 mpa

 Machine size


 Bottles applicable

  a wide shape range 


 liquid or  viscosity products


 PLC, touch screen, tank, level meter






Project Examples

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