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Automatic Syrup Filling Machine Liquid Filling Capping Machine Line

  • MTFC-3000
  • T/T
  • 30days Days
  • Shanghai, China

  • s/s steel

Product Details



 Automatic Syrup Liquid and Sticky Liquid Filling Machine line and Filling Capping Machine Line For Pharmaceutical Industry


Product Application

  • This line is widely used in pharmaceutical, health care industries 100-1000 ml plastic (glass) bottle filling capping, such as oral liquid, topical agent, syrup, vaccine, nails water etc.
  • It adopts 4 nozzles piston type filling, rotating plate positioning capping method. No bubble, no spill. Filling accurate, good performance, easy to maintain and operate.

  • It is advised to choose dust cover, glass pump, stainless steel pump, ceramic pump or peristaltic pump.


  • The line includes: Turn Table, Filler, Caps Feeding, Screw Capper, Labeler
  • Automatic run, PLC control, Operate on Touch Screen, 
  • GMP standards, all the contact parts use 316L stainless steel
  • Suitable for the volume 10-500 ml liquid or low viscosity products
  • Applicable for many types of caps: screw caps, Anti-Theft ring screw caps, Spiral Caps, Aluminium Caps and etc

Work Flow

  1. Bottle Feed from Turn Table
  2. Caps Fed from Vibration Plate
  3. Diving Filling
  4. Capping
  5. Labeling
  6. Collect bottle by turn table

Technical Parameters




 Turn table and air washing machine:



Filling capping machine in one:



Labeling machine for round bottle:


Filling and capping:


Projects Example



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