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Automatic cooking oil bottle filling machine and edible oil bottling equipment packaging line

  • MTGF-1000
  • T/T
  • 30days Days
  • Shanghai, China

  • s/s steel

Product Details


Automatic oil bottle filling machine and edible oil bottling equipment packaging line

Application :

  • Mainly used to fill edible oil in plastic or glass bottle, widely used in food, chemical, beverages, and similar products. Full filling line is automatic


  • 1) Easy to adjust and no bottle no filling. Accurate filling quantity and has counting function.
  • 2) Adopts volume type plunger pump filling with filling suffocate preventing from dropping and brushed , no bottle no filling , no drop no spill.
  • 3) Automatic filling, capping and labeling. Easy operation.
  • 4) PLC, control by touch screen

Work process:

  • 1)Put bottles on turn table feeding bottles to filling machine automatically
  • 2)Bottles conveyed to filling machine to fill automatically
  • 3)Bottle conveyed to capping machine cap automatically after filling
  • 4)Bottle conveyed to labeling machine label automatically
  • 5)Collect bottles with a turn table(optional)

    the Whole Line technical parameter

    Speed 700-1500BPH
    Filling accuracy >99%
    Filling volume 100-1000ml, 300-3000ml, 500-5000ml (can be customized)
    Filling method piston+servo motor driven
    Power 220V 50/60Hz, 6kw
    Air supply 0.6 MPa
    Bottles applicable A wide shape range
    Application Liquid or viscosity products
    Feature PLC, touch screen, tank, level meter


    Machine Feature

    Filling machine

    1)Adopts piston + servo motor driven. High precision filling machine, which can adjust the filling volume according to the different volume of bottles.

    2)Adopts four filling nozzles, can change to 6/8/10/12/16 filling nozzles or more, the more filling nozzles, the higher capacity.

    3)Can work alone or join the production line.

    Capping machine

    1)Automatic linear capping machine, suit for screw cap or press cap

    2)Automatic feeding caps with vibration bowl or lifter

    3) Has clutch to avoid the over-tightening

    4)Can work alone or join the production line.




    Labeling machine

    1)Automatic round bottle stickers labeling machine

    2)Automatic Labeling , work independently or connected to a production line, save labors

    3)Easy to operate on Touch Screen, labeling controlled by PLC, no products, no labeling

    Project Examples


    On-site commissioning and installation

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