Automatic paste filling machine and multi-station depositor for cake and cake making machine dough filler

  • MTMD-8
  • T/T
  • 30 days Days
  • Shanghai

  • s/s steel

Product Details

Cup cake and pastry filling machine bakery processing equipment and depositor dough filling machine


  • 1)The machine is designed for bakery decoration, fill batter, custard and etc.,
  • 2)PLC and touch screen control, easy to adjust the filling volume
  • 3)The machine can be operated independently or connected to other production equipment.
  • 4)In addition to the standard applicable products, it can be increased, widened and lengthened according to customer requirements.
  • 5)It can also be specially customized according to the special product and the special position of some products.

Spec and Feature

  • The machine adopt 8 filling nozzles, each filling nozzle can be combined or can be filled separately.

  • Easy to change nozzles for different types of decorations.

  • Adopt PLC + touch screen control system. Easy to adjust the filling volume.

  • E-stop button can stop machine right away once the machine has any problem.

  • Adopt servo motor drive piston filling method, can fill high viscosity product with high efficient.

    High precision filling volume. Also filling volume can be customized according to customer requirements.

Technical Parameters

 Production capacity  2000-3000 BPH (8 nozzles)
 Filling method  piston + servo motor
 Filling accuracy  +/- 1%
 Power supply  220V 50/60Hz, 0.5kw
 Air supply  0.4 MPa
 Machine size  150*90*150 cm 
 Application product size  Diameter: 20 mm - 100 mm


Project Examples

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