Semi Automatic Cosmetics Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine MT-6A

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Product Details

Semi Automatic Plastic Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine   MT-6A

  • This machine is designed specially for soft tube filling and sealing. (hand feed tubes)
  • It works for both liquid and sticky products like cream, honey, shampoo, coffee, tooth paste and so on
  • It is applicable to all kinds of plastic and plastic combined soft tube, with coder for date and so on
  • As long as the materials is not very thick, same machine can work for both plastic and plastic aluminium composite

  • It is controlled by PLC and operate on color touch screen, easy to set up and change filling volume.

  • The filling volume is adjustable on touch screen. It can fill 5-300ml liquid or sticky products.
  • The sealing way is ultrasonic, it works stable, and have advantages over heating sealing: low temperature, no impact from materials stuck to the tubes, reduce the empty space in the tube, sealing result is better.

  • It can print date or batch number as required. The number of letter can be set as required.
  • It has automatic tube positioning and identify function. It automatically identify front and back side by the color mark.

Technical Parameters

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